Product Design

Gravitating towards the realm of the multi-disciplinary, design is never entirely detached from other disciplines, neither are other disciplines entirely detached from design. It exists in close connection to everything else, for better or worse. As a designer I understand how to move seamlessly between the layers, between public & private, global & local, macro & micro. And the responsibility that lies within.

Graphic Design & Communication

Whether it is Helvetica, Bodoni or Garamond, Berling, FF Scala or Linotype Didot, choosing a suited form of graphic expression for a project is crucial, since it will either enable or disable the observer to connect with it. I’m passionate about books, words, fonts, formats & rhythm, and I do translations between seven languages – English, Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian and French.

Jewellery Design

Stones and materials made precious by the eyes of the beholder, platinum, gold, silver and gems. The art of jewellery making has captivated me since the age of 16, and I have been experimenting with different alloys, compounds and techniques in my workshop ever since. My jewellery can be worn in indefinite ways: close to the skin, on a surface as an object, hung on a wall enhancing a room…